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Why visit Molise

In an increasingly globalized and hectic world, finding oases of peace that still preserve ancient folk traditions is a challenge.

However, in those very places where time appears frozen resides, often unintentionally, the answer to devastating progressivism and unstoppable consumerism.

Last bastions of authenticity and integrity, these places thus take on a character at once nostalgic and romantic.


Because of its authenticity, Molise retains elements of this kind almost everywhere.

On the other hand, this is also the reason why Molise is not for everyone.

It is not open to mass tourism.

Molise is the ideal destination for a conscious tourist, a tourist inclined to travel more than to vacation.

A tourist who is not content to just look, but needs to see and does not just listen, but also wants to feel.

A tourist who wants to unplug for a few days from the daily grind and immerse himself in unspoiled nature, where silence reigns.

A tourist who wants to reconnect to the earth, to the roots and thus retrace the traces of ancient peoples, charged with energy and symbolism, with due respect.

A curious tourist, eager to know and experience, open to multisensory experiences.

Molise Live Experience has thought of all this.

Through offering highly personalized consultations, we will be able to plan your trip in a detailed and unique way.

Nature, culture, authenticity, relaxation, folklore and, clearly, food and wine are the words we feel deeply connected to.

Molise, in this respect, comes generously to us.

If you are curious to discover the treasures of this region, do not hesitate to contact us!


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