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Upper Volturno Valley Walk

Hiking enthusiasts join in this fantastic group walk!

The Upper Volturno Valley Walk is an experience of discovery and transformation, in places that seem buried in the belly of a dominant nature, where tales, ancient history and autumn fairy tales find space again.

We will go in search of abandoned ruins, medieval villages, hermitages hidden among the rocks, and monasteries that preserve the remains of civilizations far away in time.

The package includes (for the duration of the trip):

  • Environmental Hiking Guide
  • Overnight stay in a double room
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner with typical local products
  • Entrance fees to museums


Arrival in Rocchetta a Volturno

Dinner and getting to know the group

Overnight stay in Rocchetta

Leaving the built-up area of Rocchetta a Volturno we will head to the old part of the town, a decadent place at the same time imbued with charm and mystery.

rocchetta alta

From there we will take a country path that leads to Scapoli, where we will visit the International Bagpipe Museum.

Not far away is Castelnuovo, a small village on the slopes of the Mainarde Mountains where the hermit-painter Charles Moulin lived. In the village we will visit the Deer Museum and the Charles Moulin Museum.

Packed lunch
Entrance to museums
Dinner at the farmhouse
Overnight stay in Castelnuovo al Volturno

On the second day of the walk we are scheduled to hike in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise Park, and in particular in the Valle di Mezzo where we might listen to the cooing of deer.

After a few hours of walking we will reach the hermitage of San Michele, a small church set in the rock.

eremo di san michele

From there we will continue to Pizzone and then the lake of Castel San Vincenzo, where a break is planned to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, before arriving in the historic center of Castel San Vincenzo, where we will stay overnight.

Packed lunch
Visit to the bear museum and/or amphibian museum
Dinner in a restaurant
Overnight stay in Castel San Vincenzo

Lago di Castel San Vincenzo

The day will begin with a walk through the historic center of Castel San Vincenzo, one of the oldest settlements in the Valley, most likely already in existence at the time of the Saracen attack in 881.

After a short time we will leave the village to walk to the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno, the institution from which most of the villages in the area originated.

abbazia di castel san vincenzo

Just a stone’s throw away are the springs of the Volturno River, which we will reach along a country lane that follows the course of the waters.

From there we will continue to the church of Madonna delle Grotte, an ancient building of hermitic foundation.

chiesa di santa Maria delle grotte

We will end our walk in the fantastic garden The Women of the Caves, where art, history and botany mingle to create a symbolism that is unique and deep in meaning.

From the Garden we will return to the b&b.

Packed lunch
Entrance to Le Donne delle Grotte garden
Dinner at the farmhouse
Overnight stay in Rocchetta

giardino donne delle grotte


Visit to the World Wars Museum




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Route map

86071 Castel San Vincenzo IS, Italia

86071 Pizzone IS, Italia

86070 Castelnuovo Al Volturno IS, Italia

86070 Scapoli IS, Italia

86070 Rocchetta a Volturno IS, Italia

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